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Populus is the first killer app to provide an easily accessible platform for people across the world to participate in the Blockchain Revolution, the biggest and fastest transfer of wealth in human history.

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About Us

Investing into Blockchain today is akin to investing in the Internet in the ‘nineties. Populus provides a universally accessible, transparent and easy-to-use platform that introduces even the most novice investor to a balanced portfolio of early-stage Blockchain projects.

Populus, pronounced [ˈpoː.pu.lus] means ‘people’ in Latin, and aims to be just that: A People’s Fund, challenging the conventional model of capital raising and creating new opportunities for the average investor.

Historically, hedge funds and wealth management solutions have only been available to high net-worth individuals. Through Populus, any investor can have unprecedented access to discounted early-stage startup deals and expect exponential returns, without a minimum investment requirement.

We democratize access to wealth and opportunity for the average investor. Ultimately, Populus seeks to bring more people to the world of Blockchain and accelerate the widespread adoption and implementation of this revolutionary technology.

Liquidity: All projects that we invest in have the advantage of being liquid thanks to their tokenized nature. This means our users can opt in and opt out of the Populus platform at any time. It is simple to monetize your investment as you wish.

Transparency: Blockchain technology allows for the Populus platform to showcase and track every transaction and investment. The record cannot be changed, so transparency also breeds accountability for us and our service.

Security: Blockchain technology allows for immutability and increased security. Some have suggested it is easier to win the lottery than to break top crypto security.

Accessibility: Anyone in the world can become part of this financial instrument by contributing BTC/ETH or by simply paying with a credit card.

Universality: Everything is represented through one token: people can enter at various times and with different amounts of money. They can be comfortable with their investment and move at their own pace. Later, an investor can be rewarded proportional to the number of PPL tokens they own without having to deal with each individual investor separately.

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Live Performance

See how you’re doing at a glance, 24/7. Populus dashboards show you live numbers to make decisions easier if you want to buy or sell.
We have designed PPL (ERC-20 token) to be the backbone of Populus. This token acts as the medium between the investor and Blockchain innovation. It facilitates the process of crowdfunding and returning profits to the community. It acts as a universal medium of exchange and helps show performance in real time.

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How it works

Financial investments can lead to long-term security for the average person. Populus aims to uncover that potential through a simplified investment opportunity. We want to make it easy to invest, understand the investment, and reap rewards when that investment is successful.

By buying the PPL token, people across the world can join an investment vehicle that puts Blockchain innovation at the forefront.

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Buy Populus (PPL) tokens. Send Ethereum, Bitcoin, or Fiat (USD, EUR) and receive PPL Tokens.

You benefit from ownership in a diverse group of blockchain startups. Populus hedge fund managers will use the funds gathered and to invest in a variety of startups, blockchain projects, and cryptocurrencies in their early-stage, discounted ICOs.

Return on Investment Redeem your tokens at any point as the value of your portfolio grows. Populus makes it easy for people to own a diverse, rebalanced early-stage cryptocurrencies portfolio through a single token

Open to All

You won’t find the large minimum investments, secret handshakes, or other barriers to keep you from investments. We’re open to everyone.

Investment Simplified

Populus streamlines reporting and investment with one wallet accepting crypto and fiat.

Monitoring for risk

All investments carry some risk, but the Populus team actively works to select safer projects and mitigate risks for every investment we make.

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The Blockchain Revolution started in 2008 as a reaction to the financial crash and is unfolding before our eyes in the form of cryptoassets that have the potential to redefine the foundations of our society.

The days of traditional, antiquated finance built on decades-old technology are numbered. Blockchain technology promises to make the next decade one of great upheaval and dislocation but also immense opportunity for those who seize it. Taking part in the Blockchain revolution does not require going out in the streets but instead ownership of cryptoassets.

Today, what we commonly refer to as ‘cryptocurrencies’ have come to encompass more than monetary innovations. They represent a new asset class of innovative Blockchain projects with the potential to disrupt every industry and redefine the laws of society. We plan to help people across the world partake in this revolution and use the power of the crowd to make an impact. Blockchain technology, also referred to as ‘Internet 3.0’ has the potential of re-architecting the Internet and implementing the objective of decentralization that many of the pioneers of ‘Internet 1.0’ envisioned. Companies such as Airbnb and Uber have offered a preview of what is to come: decentralization and a peer-to-peer, sharing economy. Early investors in these disruptive ventures made over 3,000 times their initial investment. While countless consumers have had access to the services they provide, only a select few had access to invest in this opportunity. We believe the next Uber and Airbnb will be created on Blockchain in a truly decentralized manner, and the average consumer will have the opportunity to invest in such disruptive companies through Populus.

We at Populus believe that blockchain is the third fundamentally disruptive technology to be created during our lifetime (first being the semiconductor/computer and second being the Internet). By fundamentally disruptive, we mean that every business and every human life on the planet is going to be materially impacted and disrupted at a foundational level. Everything is going to change as a result of this technology. That change is what we invest in: projects that challenge the status quo and promise to disrupt decades-old industries in this David vs. Goliath time of creative destruction. This particular revolution will move lightning quick, in a percentage of the time of preceding revolutions. But this time around, every participating individual, not just billionaires, must hold a stake in the benefit.

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Meet our team

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Our Portofolio

Companies we have invested in and support

Since 2009, Phunware has been helping Fortune 500 brands engage, manage and monetize their mobile audiences.

A distributed ledger technology and consensus mechanism with a virtual voting algorithm combined with gossip protocols to achieve consensus quickly, fairly, efficiently, and securely.

TaTaTu is the first social entertainment platform to reward users for sharing and watching movies, music videos, sports content &more.

Celsius Network is a new way to earn, borrow, and pay on the blockchain.

The Fusion blockchain is an infrastructure protocol designed to connect both traditional and cryptofinance systems that support digitized assets.

Shopin is a blockchain-powered universal shopper profile and groundbreaking artificial intelligence to power the next generation of retail.

Odyssey aims to reduce overall operating cost, increase marketplace efficiency and boost ROI of product & service providers in the Global sharing economy & peer to peer ecosystem.

Bethereum is a decentralised, social-betting platform based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts.

Kuende is the first blockchain fueled social network that uses gamified challenges to reward real life social interaction.

PhunCoin allows consumers to take control of and be rewarded for their data while offering brands unprecedented audience insights through a blockchain-enabled data exchange.

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Our Roadmap

Q2 2019
  • Strategic partners join;
  • Whitepaper is finalized;
  • Beta test for App;
Q3 2019
  • Whitepaper and website are live;
  • App is launched on Apple Store and Android;
  • Private and Pre-Sales begin;
  • Global Roadshow;
Q4 2019
  • Public ICO;
  • First batch of investments is being deployed;
  • Geographic expansion;
Q1 2020
  • Additional features on App;
  • AI bots tested;
  • Start exchange discussions;